What Is Natural Stone Restoration?

Austin natural stone restoration is a comprehensive approach to restoring natural stone surfaces to their original beauty and luster. The process is both an art and science and there are many techniques involved in the process. There are variables as well depending on the type of natural stone surface is being treated.

Natural Stone

Natural stone surfaces are porous -- some more than others -- so they are susceptible to soil, foot traffic, acids, spills and other environmental factors. 

The Steam Team has the knowledge and experience to return Austin natural stone surfaces to their original beauty. Some of the methods we use include: 


Light surface scratches and damage from chemicals can be rubbed and polished out with various compounds, crystallizers and polish powders.

Diamond Grinding

As a natural surface, stone does now take well to synthetic waxes or other surface coatings in the polishing process. The Steam Team uses a diamond grinding process to deliver a high shine/high polish to the surface.

Stain Removal

If they aren't properly sealed, porous natural surfaces can become stained easily. When this happens, it's crucial to choose the right type chemical and poultice materials.


The Steam Team can help with any cracks, chips and grout that needs to be removed. We use synthetic polyesters on marble and granite to achieve complete restoration and a natural polished look.

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