Sealing Natural Stone

Sealing natural stone like granite or calcium based stones like marble or travertine, is an important step in the installation process that contractors often fail to perform.

Sealing your granite countertop or a travertine floor should be done by a professional Austin natural stone contractor. If your surfaces are not already sealed, you'll want to make sure they to protect your investment from the stains and spills that will inevitably happen.

At The Steam Team we have a thorough process for natural Austin stone sealing. First, we thoroughly clean the surface with a deep steam process that removes all dirt and debris from the stone and grout. Then we apply our industrial sealant that creates a lasting barrier against unwanted elements like dirt, acids and other environmental elements that can harm your natural stone. 

For granite countertops, we also apply a special sealant made specifically for this natural stone.

Call us today and let The Steam Team help you protect your investment with our natural stone sealing application.

kitchen with stained wood island and granite countertops
kitchen with movable island and granite countertops